Vivienne Dempsey of the Revenue Commissioners: “there is now a six-week window where interest and penalties will not apply, but on March 31st that window closes.” Photograph: David Sleator.

Homeowners who haven’t paid their Local Property Tax (LPT) or Household Charge have six weeks to pay up and a(...)

The deadline for filing local property tax returns falls  at midnight.

Q: What is all this talk about a deadline for the filing of the local property tax? I could have sworn the deadline had already passed.A: The deadline(...)

People who have received a paper demand have until May 7th to return their own valuations which will replace the estimated value that the Revenue Commissioners put on properties. Those who receive their demand electronically have until May 28th.

More than one million property tax demands have been sent out, the Revenue Commissioners said yesterday. A further 600,(...)