Tens of thousands of Hungarians hold up their mobile phones as they march across the Elisabeth Bridge during a protest against new tax on Internet data transfers in centre of Budapest. Photograph: Laszlo Balogh /Reuters

Hungary’s prime minister has said the government will suspend a planned tax on internet use and reconsider the matter next year.Two protests within th(...)

Incoming European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker: to consult European Parliament leaders on configuration of new European Commission. Photograph: Alan Betson

Incoming European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker is not considering a Plan B in relation to the configuration of the new European Commiss(...)

“The sanctions policy pursued by the West, that is, ourselves, a necessary consequence of which has been what the Russians are doing, causes more harm to us than to Russia,” Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban has said. Photograph: Akos Stiller/Bloomberg

The European Union has harmed itself economically with the sanctions it has imposed on Russia over the situation in Ukraine, Hungarian prime minister (...)

The illiberal agenda

In taking a swipe at “liberal democracy”, Viktor Orban left no-one in any doubt about his target. Hungary’s prime minister did not mean liberal in the(...)

Britain’s place in Europe
  • UK
  • June 30, 2014, 01:00

If, as David Cameron says, the nomination of Jean-Claude Juncker as President of the European Commission has made it harder to keep the United Kingdom(...)

British prime minister David Cameron speaks to the media after an EU summit in Brussels yesterday. Photograph: AP Photo/Yves Logghe

British prime minister David Cameron is making a big play for concessions from Europe ahead of a referendum on British EU membership after he failed (...)

Chancellor and chairwoman of the German Christian Democrats, CDU, Angela Merkel, speaks during a press conference after the party’s weekly executive committee meeting in Berlin.

Germany’s Angela Merkel expressed regret that populist parties had done well in EU elections and said it was up to governments in countries like Franc(...)

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban addresses a rally of his Fidesz party in front of the parliament building in Budapest. Photograph:  Zoltan Mathe/EPA

His critics may call him the “Viktator” and accuse him of turning his country into “Orbanistan”, but Hungary’s prime minister seems to be at the peak (...)

Elections in Hungary
  • Europe
  • April 14, 2014, 01:00

Hungary’s general election has returned Viktor Orban’s right-wing nationalist Fidesz party to government in a free contest he would have won ev(...)

An election poster of Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban  on a residential building in Budapest. Hungarians vote in a parliamentary election  today  that is set to return Mr Orban into power for another four years. Photograph: Bernadette   Szabo/Reuters

Hungarians are poised to sweep prime minister Viktor Orban’s Fidesz party to another (...)