A chara,– I enjoyed the account of the 800-year-old palace under Kevin Street Garda station in Dublin (“Faded station masks medieval episcopal palace”(...)

Picture by Alan Betson

The Irish labour market improved last year and the unemployment rate declined, according to a new report. The Expert Group on Future Skills Needs (EG(...)

The advice is clear: study languages, go for an IT course, get a job in construction, think about science and engineering. This, students are told, is(...)

Participants in the study took part in a three-hour test of literacy , numeracy and problem solving involving the use of technology.

One in six people here struggle with literacy while one in four lack numeracy skills, according to a major study published by the Organisation for Eco(...)

The 2011-2012 academic year saw a 25 per cent increase in the number of computing graduates with honours degree or higher diploma

The number of qualifications attained in Ireland has increased but the skills gap remains in some sectors, according to two new reports by the Expert (...)