Lighten up, connect mind and body and let go of negative thoughts. That was the message from renowned psychotherapist Dr Trish Murphy when she addr(...)

Katie O’Flynn and Vivien White on Grafton Street, Dublin. Both identify themselves as aromantic asexuals. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill 2:35

Oscar and Eva are in love. Oscar, full of energy, bustles about and worries about the precise measurements for banana bread. Eva, more introverted (...)

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Healthy Town is a unique collaboration between the Irish Times and Pfizer Healthcare aimed at harnessing community spirit and expert knowledge to show(...)

Agony aunt Ann Landers. Photograph: Kevin Horan/The Life Images Collection/Getty Images

“If you need a helping hand and have no one to turn to, write to Mary Marryat. Her understanding and sympathetic advice have comforted many readers(...)

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Q My boyfriend and I are totally in love and share everything in common, from our careers to our hobbies and tastes. He’s my soul mate, and life i(...)

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s post about their “conscious uncoupling” after 11 years of marriage has crashed Paltrow’s Goop. com website as we(...)

Q I am broken-hearted. I fell madly in love with a married man recently. (I too am married but the love is long dead ). He lives with his wife but (...)

(If you have a wedding or relationship problem you'd like advice on email Kate Holmquist at   Q. I jumped a(...)

Ask anyone who does not have children and they will be able to easily recount moments when they have been excluded from conversations.  Photograph: Getty Images
Choosing a different direction

Ireland is experiencing a baby boom. According to official figures, there were 72,225 births registered here in 2012, a slight decrease on the precedi(...)