Fr Peter McVerry says in places buying drugs is easier than buying pizza.

Buying drugs in parts of Ireland can be easier than ordering pizza,” said campaigner Fr Peter McVerry, who believes the “war on drugs has long been lo(...)

Merchants Quay Ireland and the National Family Support Network, both organisations that work with those affected by drug use, will submit a petition about the issue to Minister for Health Leo Varadka on Tuesday. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

Drug overdoses lead to one death every day in Ireland according to reform advocates seeking a “greater urgency” from the Government on the issue. On T(...)

More than 85,000 meals were served to homeless and people at risk of homelessness at Merchant Quay Ireland’s Dublin premises last year

There appeared to be “no political will at all” to address the growing problems in Dublin of homelessness, rough sleeping and drugs, said Tony Geoghe(...)

The rate of drug-induced deaths in Ireland is the third highest in Europe and stands at four times the EU rate, according to a new report.The report (...)

 Of the overall population presenting, including men and women and those using several different drugs, 7 per cent were injecting steroids, which are associated with bodybuilding.

The largest needle exchange service in the State has seen a “dramatic increase” in the number of people, mainly men, who are injecting anabolic steroi(...)

Cannabis is associated with a string of health issues, and a few beneficial effects, but it has not yet been authoritatively blamed as the sole cause of a drug death. Photograph: Frank Miller

The admission to hospital of two women in the northeast, seemingly as a result of the consumption of a contaminated illegal drug product, is only t(...)

The report involves 388 people attending needle programmes and was compiled by Merchants Quay Ireland and Ana Liffey Drug Project.

Detoxification centres for drug users are out of step since most target the use of just one drug while most addicts take several types of drugs, a rep(...)

Photograph: Milos Jokic/E+/Getty

It started with a prescription. The benzodiazepine tablets Dermot was given to cope with a bereavement allowed him to escape into sleep, a sens(...)

Ned Delahunty, an 83 year old homeless man, pictured last year. He spent around 20 years sleeping rough in a doorway on Oliver Bond Street in Dublin's south inner city. He died on January 17th and his funeral took place yesterday, March 13th, at John's Lane Church on Thomas Street. Photograph: Eddie Mallin

Few people knew the name of the man in the doorway – but almost everyone knew him to see. With his wispy white hair and flowing beard, he walke(...)