David Haines was in Syria working for the French charity Acted when he was abducted.

Britain resisted pressure today to join the United States in announcing air strikes against Islamic State after the militant group beheaded David Hain(...)

Tony Blair: “When they said to [Ian Paisley] peace was thinkable, he made it possible.”

Former British prime minister Tony Blair said Ian Paisley was a man whose convictions never changed, but he was a man whose understanding of the possi(...)

British prime minister Tony Blair (R) smiles with Northern Ireland’s First Minister Ian Paisley at Stormont in Belfast in May, 2007.  Photograph: Dylan Martinez/Reuters

Former British prime minister Tony Blair, who presided over the restoration of devolved government in Northern Ireland through the Belfast Agreement, (...)

File photo from 1974 of former Democratic Unionist Party leader Dr Ian Paisley, who has died. Photograph: PA Wire

Dr Ian Paisley the former Democratic Unionist Party leader and former first minister of Northern Ireland has died, his wife Eileen said today. He was (...)

The most successful innovations of the future won’t be ones that rely on the latest technology, but ones that are centered around reuse and recycling,(...)

Murdoch and the politicians
  • Books
  • August 23, 2014, 01:00

Stories in this book make the reader take a sharp intake of breath. Stories of tabloid excess, of bribery and hacking, of bullying and illegality. One(...)

The Downing Street Declaration represents an enduring legacy of former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds because it formally affirmed the right of the Irish p(...)

 Johann Lamont, leader of the Scottish Labour Party:  for now she has managed to quieten dissent in her own rants. Photograph:  Peter Macdiarmid/Getty

Former Labour minister Jim Murphy stood on a couple of red bottle-crates on a street in Argyll to campaign for a No vote in next month’s Scottish inde(...)

A Palestinian woman reacts upon seeing the wreckage of her house in Beit Hanoun town at the weekend. REUTERS/Suhaib Salem

Palestinian representatives met US deputy secretary of state William Burns and quartet envoy Tony Blair in Cairo yesterday to try and end the confl(...)

 Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair delivers Progress’ inaugural annual Philip Gould Lecture on July 21st in London –   Labour “has to be progressive and base policies on reality, not a delusionary view of the world”, he sid .   Photograph: John Stillwell - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Tony Blair gave the inaugural Philip Gould lecture this week. Gould is credited in Blair’s speech as the inventor of New Labour and of the Third Way. (...)