Affable US vice-president Joe Biden sweet-talked wives, cooed at children and kissed daughters. “I like kids better than people,” he was heard to say. Photograph: Reuters

Joe Biden has a mouth that can sometimes land him in hot water, but the jocular US vice-president came into his own at the Senate ceremonial swearing-(...)

Senator Thad Cochran celebrates with supporters at a victory party in Jackson, Mississippi. Photograph: Edmund D Fountain/The New York Times

The latest win by the US Republican Party mainstream over the insurgent conservative wing – a narrow victory by veteran Mississippi senator Thad Co(...)

Republican senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi: Dublin “felt colder because it just seeps into your soul.”

Senator Thad Cochran recoils when it is pointed out that it will be 50 years ago this September that he first passed through the front arch of Trin(...)