‘Perhaps it’s all too easy for an older person to mistake confessionalism for self-pity.’ Above, Lena Dunham in Girls

Millennials, Generation Me: whatever you want to call them, everyone seems to have an opinion about them. Mention in casual conversation the office in(...)

Parquet Courts (including Austin Brown, foreground): a band with a pre-internet era outlook. Photograph: Ben Rayner

Several years ago, an up-and-coming indie-rock band from New York called Parquet Courts rolled through the town of Murray, Kentucky, on their first(...)

RM Hubbert: his other main asset – and here X Factor wannabes will break down in jealous tears – is his lacerating wit

The musician RM Hubbert has the sort of backstory that you can’t make up, and he’s smart enough to use it in a set. About 15 minutes into a recent sol(...)

Ringo Starr points a gun at Allen Klein. Photograph: ABKCO Archive

There have always been rock and pop managers who hogged the limelight as much as their charges: Col Parker, Peter Grant, Albert Grossman, Malcolm M(...)

Social media is largely bookended by narcissism and outrage. Opinions fall like rockslides, pebbles pinging you with stupid, reactionary points of view. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

I’m not quite clear when it happened, but in future years I’m sure there will be studies written about the moment social media turned sour, the point(...)

This week is the perfect time to launch a new dating show, given that Vanity Fair has just written about the grim impact of Tinder on America’s dat(...)

The life coach and I are 15 minutes into a session. “I just feel there are loads of things I should be doing that I’m not doing,” I say, before lis(...)

iOS 9 marks the first time Apple has invited the public to test a full release ahead of its general launch

Brace yourself: iOS 9 is coming. A few weeks remain before the final version of Apple’s software will be made available for general download, but w(...)

‘Musicians, their managers and many others are frustrated. The black box of hidden transactions in the music business, while maybe not illegal, is a recipe for chicanery,’ says musician David Byrne. Photograph:  Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Musicians are known for speaking out on issues such as human rights, politics and the environment. They are less known for speaking out about how the (...)

The first time I heard about the internet was in 1995. A college classmate said, “Want to come watch me argue with American Christians?” He had dis(...)