Who am I? Simon Pegg goes in search

Pop psychology, ahoy. When Hector (Pegg), a nervy, anal-retentive psychiatrist experiences some class of midlife crisis, he leaves his partner (Rosamu(...)

Dr Josef Mengele has appeared on film before. In 1978’s The Boys from Brazil, Gregory Peck played him as a sombre maniac. Now, the talented Argentinea(...)

It’s 1967 and three Russian-Americans – sensible Mike (Robert De Niro), softie Steven (John Savage) and introverted Nick (Christopher Walken) – leave (...)

Can you dig it: Shep Gordon and Alice Cooper chillaxin’ back in the day

Shep Gordon came to California with a sociology degree and a whole mess of savvy. Having checked into Hollywood’s Landmark Hotel, he was awakened in t(...)

Adam. Eve. Branch. Tree. Apple. Penis. Mount of Venus. Cock. Vagina. Rose. Kiss. Sky.Words blaze across the screen. There are words on naked bodies (M(...)

Review: Love Eternal

Love Eternal lately won the Dublin Film Critics Circle Best Irish Feature Award at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival and the Fresh Blood (...)

If you want screen teens to break your heart this summer, then give The Fault in Our Stars a miss in favour of this epic South American adventure.Dieg(...)

Borrowing a plotline from Jane Austen (or, possibly, Byker Grove), Walking on Sunshine follows two sisters as they holiday around the gloriously sunny(...)

Now regarded as one of the greatest films to emerge from pre-Communist China, this marital melodrama had few admirers on either side of the Chinese Ci(...)

A divorced, deadbeat dad, played by Colin Firth, fakes his own death and hooks up with Emily Blunt’s Manic Pixie Dream Girl for an all-American road t(...)