Cable guy: laying fibre broadband. Photograph: Michael Smith/Getty

Bernard Coyle says high-speed broadband was first promised for rural Ireland in 2000. “It’s like waiting for a bus. If you wait long enough, one will (...)

All at sea: “80 per cent of our tourists are from the domestic market, so there are a lot of people this will affect,” says Simon Murray. Photograph: IIC/Axiom/Getty

‘Do you want to be responsible for the depopulation of one more island?” Simon Murray, of the community-development programme on Inishbofin, asked mem(...)

Lonely path: at first Calvin O’Brien didn’t talk about splitting up and becoming a father. Photograph: Vetta/Getty

Calvin O’Brien is a third-year computer-science student at the National College of Ireland. He returned home to repeat exams in August after spending (...)

Raw nature: Owen Crawford – with his partner, Mimi Pierson – has started delivering bottled raw milk

Owen Crawford drinks up to a pint of raw milk with his breakfast every morning. “It’s so much thicker and creamier and almost sweet. Although I’m not (...)

Manor Street in Waterford where  anti-Roma protests took place

Gaby Muntean moved to Ireland in 2000 with her husband, seeking out a better life. “I left my son with my mother because I didn’t speak English and we(...)

Winner: Paddy Crean at this week’s awards ceremony. Photograph: Marc O’Sullivan

The Silver Surfer awards, which Google and Age Action gave out this week to people in their 60s, 70s and 80s, are proof, if you need it, that the inte(...)

Wedding: the couple mix sand at their humanist ceremony, which was celebrated by Brian Whiteside. Photograph: Daniel Kowalczyk/DK Photo

Tracey Wade-Greally and her husband, Conor Greally, are one of the couples whose choice of marriage ceremony has doubled the number of humanist weddin(...)

Patrick Guerin says that yesterday’s World Mental Health day reminds him that our mental health can be fragile. “In my own experience, I have particul(...)

Photograph: Yuri Arcurs/Hemera/Getty

Most families unconsciously protect a sex offender living in their homes because they are terrified of society’s response, according to Eileen Finnega(...)

Danger zone: Gabriel Fitzpatrick dons goggles before entering the isolation area of the Ebola treatment centre in Sierra Leone. Photograph: PK Lee/MSF

Admitting whole families to an Ebola treatment centre and seeing only one or two of their members leave is one of the saddest parts of the job that Ga(...)