Aftermath of the 1916 Rising via a postcard sent to a relative in England

The result of one of the most successful crowdsourcing projects ever conducted in Ireland is now public with the launch of the Letters of 1916: A Year(...)

Image of Albert Woodman, who was stationed in Dunkirk during the last days of the first World War. Woodman’s diary has been made available online.

A diary from an Irish soldier chronicling the last days of the first World War has been made available online. The diary, written by Albert Woodman,(...)

Family history: a selection of documents from the archive of Éamonn O’Modhráin, who was imprisoned in Frongoch and in Wakefield in 1916. Courtesy of Robbie Doyle

When Robbie Doyle’s father-in-law died, five years ago, it fell to him to tackle the junk room at the top of his wife’s family home. It was the room i(...)

Eileen Corrigan  with her mother and  father. Photograph: Trinity College, Dublin

Like any young student caught up in momentous, violent events, Eileen Corrigan was anxious lest her parents were worried about her welfare. It was Mon(...)