Tommy Robinson at a press conference at the Montague Hotel, central London yesterday, after announcing that he is to stand down from the EDL.  Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA

Former English Defence League leader, Tommy Robinson, who quit the organisation yesterday saying it had been infiltrated by fascists, last night that (...)

A group of British National Party  supporters gather outside the Houses of Parliament in London. The protest was one of scores organised on Saturday by the far-right party and its rival, the English Defence League. Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Hemmed in behind police barriers across the road from the Houses of Parliament, the dozens of British National Party supporters looked forlorn. Outsid(...)

English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson (left) with EDL supporters outside The Queens Arms pub in Woolwich following the killing earlier this week of a British soldier.  Photograph: Neil Lancefield/PA Wire

The English Defence League (EDL), which took to the streets of Woolwich after Wednesday’s atrocity, has had a short but violent history and is (...)