Report finds that Asthma on average results in  12 missed days of work per adult in an average year, and 10 missed days at school for a child.

One in five people with asthma cannot work due to poor health and a majority experience depressive symptoms, according to a new report. The loss of pr(...)

Colm O’Brien: ‘My first book Feeding Johnny is told based on my life and business experience to date - the research has been ongoing for 50 years.’

Colm O’Brien is founder and managing director of Carambola Kidz - Healthy School Lunches Delivered. Feeding Johnny - How to Build a Business despite t(...)

Max Dunne (6), who has asthma,  with his mother, Orla,  at their home in Tallaght, Co Dublin.Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Orla Dunne has had her share of “scary moments” with her son Max, who suffered uncontrollable bouts of coughing from about the age of two.Even just ru(...)

While asthma is recognised as a common condition, it is not generally regarded as a dangerous one. So when you hear of someone with asthma dying sudde(...)

Asthma experts have called for the introduction of a drug which has just been approved for treatment in the severest cases of (...)