On guard: Honduran soldiers monitor a land occupation by farmers from the Trinidad community in April 2015. Photograph: Juana Esquivel 5:02

Guadalupe Gallerda can still remember the sound of gunfire echoing through her village, in the Lower Aguán Valley, in Honduras, the day her husband(...)

 Bronagh and Bob Cumbers, parents of BBC Cameraman Simon Cumbers (in photo on left) at their home in Navan. Cumbers (36) was shot and killed in 2004 when in the country working on a programme on al-Qaeda.   Photograph: Alan Betson/ The Irish Times

The man who killed Irish BBC cameraman Simon Cumbers in Saudi Arabia 10 years ago has been sentenced to death by a court in the kingdom. Adil Sa’ad Al(...)

 The “genocidaires” dressed in orange: prisoners convicted for crimes of genocide who are now engaged in community work. Photograph: Deirdre McQuillan

Francine Murengezi Ingabire. Age: 12. Favourite sport: swimming. Favourite food: eggs and chips. Favourite drink: milk and Fanta. Best friend: (...)