Minister for Housing Jan O’Sullivan: concerned over the number of transactions so far given that her department budgeted for 350 this year

Just 40 households have benefitted from a Government mortgage-to-rent initiative launched two years ago, aimed at assisting up to 3,500 mortgage-hold(...)

The Government has been keen to promote non-profit housing associations as a new vehicle for delivering social housing. But numbers have been falling – five years ago housing associations built almost 1,900 homes. By 2012 this fell to 677.

There has been a dramatic change in how social housing needs have being responded to over recent years.State investment has collapsed and there has be(...)

Before regeneration: St Michael’s Road, Longford

Not so long ago, St Michael’s Road in Longford was in danger of becoming a no-go area. Once charming, stone-built artisan homes sat dead-eyed with boa(...)

A new finance model for social housing stocks would see private investment meeting up to 70 per cent of the overall cost of schemes in a departure fro(...)