Sunborn London on the Thames recently: the super luxury floating hotel has become a novel new client of Bitbuzz. photograph: digby oldridge/spider pr/pa wire

The wifi operator Bitbuzz, which provides internet services mainly to cafes and hotels, has scored itself a rather novel new client. It h(...)

Shane Deasy, who owns 48.13 per cent of Bitbuzz, said the company had received “four to five offers from different companies”

Irish wifi provider Bitbuzz increased its revenues in 2013 by 13 per cent to about €2.2 million, figures provided to The Irish Times show. Bitbuzz’s f(...)

Bittbuzz managing director Shane Deasy: “Our strategy this year is to target the five-star hotel market in the UK”

Irish wireless Internet provider Bitbuzz increased its revenues by 28 per to ¤1.94 million in 2012, according to figures supplied to The Irish Time(...)