Amid the commemorative events marking the 1916 centenary, Rising makes an intriguing contribution with its collection of human stories. James Sh(...)

Alexander Suárez Méndez teaching a piping class

The uilleann pipes inspire extreme reactions in listeners. Some, already resistant to piping from their experience of the much louder bagpipes, opt(...)

Masterclass: school stalwarts Donal Lunny and Paddy Glackin
Trad’s slow-burning winter warmer

Through good times and bad, Ireland has never wanted for festivals. Traditional music is awash with gatherings: fleadhanna, summer schools, sessions a(...)

Sean McKeon: To the City
  • Music
  • July 19, 2013, 00:00

Chutzpah and bravado propel piper Seán McKeon’s solo debut. His is a muscular, sculpted sound, characterised by notes chiselled out of thin air wit(...)