Social Housing: “there is nothing being planned that’s remotely close to the scale that’s required to meet the need”

Ireland should raise its tax take to 34.9 per cent, said Fr Seán Healy at Social Justice Ireland’s policy conference yesterday in Dublin. That would(...)

“Central to a sustainable future is a fair and equitable tax system. A balance must be struck between the overall level of taxation and its capacity to support economic, social and infrastructural requirements adequately.”

Taxation plays a key role in shaping Irish society through funding public services, supporting economic activity and redistributing resources to enhan(...)

A homeless man sleeping on Kildare St in Dublin. “Great disparities in wealth and power divide society into the rich and the poor.” Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times

Ireland needs a new guiding vision. The economic crisis of recent years is principally the result of the failure of an economic and social phil(...)