Before the introduction of the potato to Ireland, seaweed was a staple foodstuff for many living along the coast. Archaeologist Michael Gibbons has wr(...)

John and Sally McKenna launching their long-running Bridgestone review guides, 100 Best Restaurants in Ireland and 100 Best Places to Stay in Ireland. They have also launched apps for their guides. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

The web and social media have not been kind to the traditional guidebook publishing industry. Facebook, tweets, TripAdvisor, specialist blogs, and (...)

Salt of the earth

Salt is so vital to our lives that we have woven it into our language - salary, salacious, salad, soldier - and we have actually fought wars over it. (...)

When a new superfood is unveiled, there seems to be a mass migration to that particular ingredient, especially when it’s not just right-on nutritional(...)

Are you eating a rainbow of colours to make your tummy happy and your head healthy? Photograph: Getty Images

Hang around with a bunch of dedicated gardeners for long enough, and you soon realise that something strange keeps happening: people you expected to b(...)

Chefs Edward Hayden, Garrett Byrne, Mark Gaffney and Cormac Rowe at the launch of Savour Kilkenny, which takes place on October 25th-29th. Photograph: Pat Moore

Food festival diaryIt’s going to be a busy couple of months for food festival-goers, kicking off with Theatre of Food at the 10th Electric Picnic next(...)