Want to brush up on your bossa nova and ballads? Head for the Bello Bar in Portobello, Dublin where jazz singer and composer Edel Meade will host sin(...)

Pilates, French style

Fancy flexing your linguistic and core muscles in the language of love? Frenchwoman Deborah Le Bidre is now offering Pilates classes for men an(...)

Matt Farrell snr: “I see ourselves as at the forefront of Thai food development in Ireland.”

A fascination with Thai cuisine, a desire to bring something new to Irish customers and the willingness to take risks led to the establishment (...)

Vicky McDwyer  receives the Nursing Home of the Year award from Excellence Ireland in 2007

Vicky McDwyer is managing director of Esker Lodge Nursing Home in Cavan, a specialist dementia care and general nursing home established in 200(...)

The group hiking in the Glenmalure valley in Co Wicklow.

‘The message for me has always been that you don’t need to have a huge amount of money to get active,” says Teena Gates. “You just start by walking ou(...)

Weight-bearing exercise is vital for both young and old, in order to maintain flexibility and stay mobile.

It’s common sense that increased exercise in youth and old age has its advantages. There is much evidence to suggest that increased physical activity (...)

Mark Sexton of Froberry Yogurt

What sets your business apart?The frozen dessert business is hugely competitive in Ireland. It’s a fool’s game to try to compete on price with multina(...)

Ruth O’Connor with Sam Kinsella and children Lúí (5) and Rohan (22 months), on board Scéal Eile, during their barge trip on the Grand Canal, Dublin. Photographs: Dara Mac Dónaill

It has become a running joke at home that a barge trip on the Shannon would drive me batty with boredom. But a barge in the heart of Dublin cit(...)

     Skip-Hop: Liwa Hayes and Eva Barrington at Milford National School

Remember the long ropes you used as kids to chants of “I like coffee, I like tea, I like Susan in with me”? Well, they’re alive and skipping. (...)