Q Dear Grit Doctor, I have three children. I work full-time, I run regularly and I cycle to work. However, I had a medical mishap recently that has(...)

Runner, author, mother, Irish Times columnist and Grit Doctor Ruth Field “a ruthless motivator” is on a flying visit to Dublin with her latest book, C(...)

We all know smoking is bad for our lungs but a programme of running will ensure that we will realise that truth. Photographs: Getty Images

Q I smoke half a packet of cigarettes a day and get winded quite easily. I am 35 years old and have not done any serious exercise since being on the s(...)

Running outdoors is only really treacherous when the wind is bad. Photograph: Getty Images

Q It’s so cold and windy and treacherous out there, how on earth do you pluck up the courage to get outside and run in these conditions? All I want to(...)

Stop the stress: how to take the pressure out of hosting the big day. Photograph: Getty images

Q I am getting really stressed about Christmas. Every year I have my husband and our two kids, both sets of parents (who don’t get on) and an uncle wh(...)

There are some super assertive mums keen to offload their kids and the kindliest ‘stay-at-home-mum-type’ is the most obvious target. Photograph: Getty Images

Q I have made a lovely friend at the nursery school gates and our sons have become firm friends. I have a newborn too and am a “stay at home” mum. She(...)

If it is photographic symmetry that is genuinely the problem here, either get over it or get another bridesmaid to balance the numbers. Don’t lose friends over  things that don’t matter. Photograph: Getty Images

Q I’m getting married in spring 2014 and I have just had a massive falling out with my maid of honour. She got engaged about a week before me and aske(...)

Q Hi Ruth, People always tell me that university is the place where you are most likely to meet your future husband/ wife. My parents met at 18 in the(...)

Q I read Run, Fat Bitch Run and did a 10km in June, and am entered into the Rock and Roll Dublin Half-Marathon on August 5th. I’m really looking fo(...)