Rory Askins-Byrne (right) outside the High Court,  with Karl Deeter, financial adviser. In the spring of 2017 he will exit the bankruptcy process and at just 36 he can start again with a clean slate. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

It was over in 60 seconds. And Rory Askins-Byrne didn’t have to say a word. Nearly six years after he first found hi(...)

Rory Askins-Byrne in the attic bedroom at his parents’ house in Dublin. “I can’t really see any future, or hope, or money . . . I plan to donate my body to Trinity College so there will be no funeral costs.” Photograph: Alan Betson

Rory Askins-Byrne came of age during the boom years and while he wasn’t one of the Celtic tiger’s high flyers, the good times were pretty good (...)