Customers will still be able to ask for exact change. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Consumers in the Republic of Ireland will begin receiving cash change rounded to the nearest 5 cent from Wednesday, October 28th. The move is part of (...)

It can cost an Irish consumer more than €1 to write a cheque - but still some 26 million will be written this year. Photographer: Bryn Colton/Bloomberg News

Irish people will write more than 60 million cheques this year despite plans to consign them to the history books. While usage of the old-fashioned pa(...)

CHARLIE TAYLORThe number of business cheques written in Ireland has dropped by 21 per cent since 2012, according to new figures from the Central Bank-(...)

Newly-minted 2 cent  coins. A new trial by the National Payments Plan suggests their days could be numbered.Photograph: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

Could we be about to see the end of one and two cent coins? A new trial by the National Payments Plan suggests their days are numbered. A trial(...)

Innovation is involving increasing amounts of collaboration between firms, including between firms that are otherwise competitors. The current impleme(...)

The lower denomination coins can’t be used in vending machines, at toll booths or to pay for car parking

The people of Wexford have been talking non-cents since the middle of September as part of a trial that has seen the smallest denomination coins scrap(...)

Meabh O’Conner of Reville’s newsagents in Wexford. Photograph: Mary Browne

in Wexford A change is as good as a rest, it is said, and yesterday the people of Wexford began giving small change a rest when they embarked on the W(...)

Madeleine Quirke, Senator Feargal Quinn, Tony Grimes, chairman of National Payment Plan, and local businessman James O’Connor at the launch this week of the Wexford Rounding Trial. Photograph: Dylan Vaughan.

Over a decade after they were introduced, some of us still have trouble distinguishing one cent and two cent coins from each other, while more of us j(...)

Newly-minted 2 cent euro coins. The Central Bank’s rounding trial in Wexford will seek to eliminate such coins as part of a trial. Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

Consumers in Wexford may soon find that the change in their pockets is no good, as the Central Bank starts a trial aimed at phasing out lower denomin(...)

An employee drops newly-minted 2 cent euro coins into a container  at the Bank of Greece’s Printing Works Department and Mint in Athens, Greece. Photograph: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

Prices in shops should be rounded up or down in an effort to do away one and two cent coins, a report recommends today. The National Pay(...)