Nephrologist Dr Joel Topf speaking at the dotMed conference.  Photograph: Richard Walshe

What do a novelist and playwright, a comic artist and writer, a photographer, a medical ethicist and a social media expert have in common? They are al(...)

Dr Muiris Houston, co-founder Dotmed Creative Medical Conference.

In Dublin’s Smock Alley Theatre, 178 medical professionals are listening to a rapping doctor singing about Ebola to the tune of The Kinks song Lola. T(...)

Dr Ronan Kavanagh speaking at the DOTmed conference.

Imagine being able to deliver vaccines through the internet or print new organs, making transplant waiting lists a thing of the past?How about a team (...)

‘I just can’t do it anymore doctor. I’m a wreck.” Mary is a widowed 72-year-old lady who has a bad back, sore wrists and shoulders and, as a re(...)