Court 19 at the at the Dublin Central Criminal Court, where the Anglo trial took place. Photograph: Cyril Byrne / THE IRISH TIMES
What the judge said

Good afternoon. Mr McAteer and Mr Whelan, after a long trial, have been found guilty by a jury of their peers of 10 counts of breaches of section 60.(...)

Robert Heron told Dublin Circuit Criminal Court he was not aware money was being lent to 10 wealthy clients – the Maple 10. Photograph: PA

A solicitor who advised Anglo Irish Bank as it planned the “Project Maple” share-buying deal in July 2008 has denied he told the bank it was le(...)

David Drumm, former Anglo chief executive and Sean Fitzpatrick,  former chairman.

Part 1: September–December 2007 September 11th, 2007: Ardboyne HotelEarly aut(...)

Witness Matt Moran at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court yesterday. Photograph: Collins Courts.

Witness : Matt Moran, former chief financial officer, Anglo Irish Bank Snapshots: (...)

Pat Whelan, William McAteer and Seán FitzPatrick leaving the Circuit Criminal Court in Dublin yesterday. Photograph: PA The trial of former Anglo Irish Bank directors Pat Whelan (left), William McAteer (centre) and Seán FitzPatrick is continuing at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

There was an element of “plausible deniability” about the financial regulator’s involvement in an Anglo Irish Bank-Quinn share deal, the trial (...)

Developer John McCabe told the court he asked “all the relevant questions” and was told the transaction was “totally legal”. Photograph: Collins

A high-ranking official at the Financial Regulator’s office was “very, very, very positive” about a plan for 10 wealthy clients to borrow up to €60(...)

Robert Heron, whose clients during the financial crisis included Anglo Irish Bank, has resigned as partner of Matheson, the well-known Irish legal fir(...)

Former Anglo Irish Bank chief financial officer Pat Whelan, former chairman Seán FitzPatrick and former head of compliance, Willie McAteer. Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

Legal advice will be a crucial issue in the pending criminal trial of Sean FitzPatrick and two other former senior executives of Anglo Irish Bank, the(...)