The rate of baby deaths in smaller maternity units in the State is in line with national averages and compares well internationally, according to the (...)

Alliance for the Defence of the Family and Marriage asserts that voting for same-sex marriage “is like voting for Islamic State-style sharia law”. Photograph: Thinkstock

Claims that same-sex couples die younger, are more prone to cancer, depression and suicide, as well as being more likely to abuse and injure childre(...)

The inquest earlier heard the cause of death was extensive meconium aspiration into the airways as a result of hypoxic brain injury. Photograph:  Frank Miller

A woman in labour at Cavan General Hospital (CGH) continued to be given a drug to increase her contractions despite evidence her uterus was overstimul(...)

Dan Fox: is anticipating a brisk rise in demand

Good timing can really help a young company to grow and Dan Fox and Richard Greene, founders of legal outsourcing company Prime Legal Discovery, are a(...)

It’s the little things that count. This might seem like an odd thing to say when it comes to a grand period manor house, with formal gardens, a(...)

Professor Richard Greene, director of the National Perinatal Epidemiology Centre at University College Cork, said there had been an ‘an unnecessary delay’ in implementing recommendations made in a 2008 report following the death of ‘baby Nathan’ at the Midland Regional Hospital in Portlaoise. Photograph: Tomas Tyner/University College Cork

Parents of babies who died during or shortly after birth in the Midland Regional Hospital, Portlaoise should be told the truth by the Health Service E(...)

A more candid approach by doctors to the defence of medical negligence claims would speed up claims and reduce the costs involved, to the benefit of b(...)

The first national audit into the death of babies in the weeks before or after birth shows that perinatal mortality rates here compare very favourably(...)

In the first national audit of maternal complications in pregnancy, there were four cases of septic shock – the cause of Savita Halappanavar’s death – reported.

The first national audit on maternal complications in pregnancy highlights low rates of septic shock and hysterectomy following birth, compared with o(...)

Praveen Halappanavar’s wife Savita died from septicaemia at Galway University Hospital on October 28th 2012. Photograph: Cyril Byrne /The Irish Times

A member of the Maternal Mortality Working Group in Ireland has said the issue of under-recording of deaths of women during pregnancy or labour is un(...)