"By finding the right chemistry, materials scientists and engineers can gain the level of power that architects have when they design new buildings,” says Prof Michael Zaworotko

When a man tells you that the way to get more fuel in your tank is to fill it with crystals you could be forgiven for reacting with at least mild scep(...)

     Party pieces: the Áras looked fabulous, and the President – joined by Bono, among others – looked delighted

Ever since RTÉ ’s Lughnasa Live a couple of years ago, which featured Gráinne Seoige presen(...)

Father-and-daughter trainers: Richie and Joanna Clifford on Reality Bites, on RTÉ Two, a series whose lateral approach can generate unexpected results

I like this year’s series of Reality Bites, and not just because each slice-of-Irish-life documentary is well made but also because they are pl(...)