Gayle Dunne, wife of property developer Sean Dunne. Photograph: Collins Courts

The wife of bankrupt developer Sean Dunne wants orders permitting her lawyers to cross-examine a US lawyer about his sworn statements in support of Ir(...)

Sean Dunne and  Gayle Killilea picturedin 2013. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh/The Irish Times.

The multimillionaire wife of bankrupt property developer Seán Dunne planned to use the money from the sale of a €19 million South Africa hotel to pay(...)

Gayle Killilea:  Filed emergency motions seeking a jury trial in the district court rather than in the bankruptcy court in the US. Photograph: Collins

Gayle Killilea, wife of developer Seán Dunne, has asked a US judge not to refer a fraudulent asset transfer case taken against them to the bankruptcy (...)

A file image of bankrupt property developer Sean Dunne  (right)  with his attorney James Berman outside the Federal Court in New Haven.

Bankrupt property developer Sean Dunne is alleged to be involved in a $14 million construction project in the US, while a house he developed is on the(...)

Gayle Killilea-Dunne, the wife of insolvent property developer Sean Dunne, has sought to block a legal action taken by his US bankruptcy official to recover millions of euro in assets he transferred to her. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh/The Irish Times.

Gayle Killilea-Dunne, the wife of insolvent property developer Seán Dunne, has sought to block a legal action taken by his US bankruptcy official to r(...)

Seán Dunne: US bankruptcy hearing should last a day

A US judge has permitted a court official to submit family law documents in private as part of his challenge to stop property developer Seán Dunne wit(...)

Sean Dunne:  has sought to withdraw his US bankruptcy case on the basis that he has also been adjudicated a bankrupt in Ireland and that creditors would be adequately protected in the Irish bankruptcy alone. Photograph:   Steve Miller

Property developer Sean Dunne shouldn’t be allowed to withdraw his US bankruptcy petition because he only applied to pull the case when he was on verg(...)

Sean Dunne: said that he did not have the resources to defend Nama’s objection to his being discharged. Photograph: Steve Miller

Sean Dunne’s two biggest creditors and the US court official investigating his financial affairs have objected to the insolvent property developer’s a(...)

Seán Dunne: has declined to answer questions about Swiss judgment at US bankruptcy meetings with his creditors, saying he is bound by “in-camera” confidentiality rules in Ireland. Photograph: Simon Carswell

The court-appointed official overseeing the US bankruptcy of Seán Dunne has asked an American court for permission to examine, in private, document(...)

Property developer Seán Dunne and his wife, Gayle Killilea. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

Gayle Killilea Dunne, the wealthy wife of bankrupt developer Seán Dunne, reveals in private emails contained in her husband’s bankruptcy files the tra(...)