Prof Richard Tol: has said some of the positives of climate change have been left out of the report or downplayed. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times

Former ESRI economist Prof Richard Tol has described the findings of IPCC as “too alarmist”. He was one of 70 authors of the (...)

Models of pandas form part of an environmental protest  near  St Peter’s  Basilica in the  Vatican City. Its lights were turned off for 60 minutes on Saturday to raise awareness of the danger of global climatic change. Photograph: EPA/Angelo Carconi

Millions of people will go hungry due to climate change cutting food production worldwide by 2 per cent per decade even as the demand for food (...)

Plants, reptiles such as the iguana and particularly amphibians are expected to be at highest risk from runaway global warming. Photograph: Alan Betson

Almost two-thirds of common plants and half of the most common species of animals could suffer a “dramatic decline” this century due to runaway(...)