A file image of Sean Quinn junior and his wife Karen Woods leaving the High Court last year.   The court said today the sale of his  Dublin home will purge contempt of court orders against him.

The sale of Sean Quinn junior’s Dublin home for between €400,000 and €440,000 in the next four weeks will finally purge contempt of court orders again(...)

 Alder Lodge, Farmleigh Woods, Castleknock, Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons / THE IRISH TIMES

Sean Quinn Junior is to sell his Dublin home, described as his only owned asset, in a bid to finally purge his contempt of court orders after a High C(...)

File photo of Sean Quinn Jnr who was found guilty of contempt in June 2012. Photograph: David Sleator /The

Sean Quinn Junior is offering to provide € 75,000 towards purging his contempt of court orders restraining stripping of assets from the Quinn f(...)