Former lobbyist Frank Dunlop: Lobbyists have been a feature of our business and political landscape for a considerable time and can have a very significant influence in the public and private sector. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

You can nearly picture the scene: a grinning politician presses the palm of a silk-suited stranger, smiling as he is ushered into a quiet room. The(...)

Dr David Hickey

The State’s leading organ transplant practitioners have warned that the service is reaching a crisis that could end in facilit(...)

Dr Derek Graham, Newcastle, 
County D
Co Dublin, is facing 
a range of 
allegations of professional misconduct or poor professional performance
 arising out of his treatment of a patient between February 12th and August 03rd,
 in  201 


A Co Dublin doctor failed to diagnose a cancerous swelling on a patient's jaw on three separate occasions over six months, a Medical Council f(...)