Greenpeace demonstrators climb the Shard building, in central London. Greenpeace said  the six women  were protesting against drilling for oil in the Arctic. Photograph: Neil Hall/Reuters

Six Greenpeace protesters who scaled Britain’s tallest building have been arrested on suspicion of aggravated trespass, Scotland Yard said tonight. Th(...)

High-wire walker Chris Bull plans to cross the river Suir on a wire this Saturday, to the tune of a marching band with choreographed puppetry and a flotilla of flag-waving boat enthusiasts

The man steps out. The rope sways. The crowd gasps. There is something about the art of the high wire which brings out the child in all of us: we watc(...)

People do the oddest things. Having survived the horrors of the Great War, two British veterans decided to again defy death, this time on their(...)