Some crucial information about the Apple watch was missing from yesterday’s product event, including its launch date; how thick the watch is or how much it weighs; and how long the battery will last.  Photograph: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg 3:27

Apple managed to pack a lot into today’s two-hour presentation, but viewers were left with some questions. And that’s not even mentioning the scarf-we(...)

Apple CEO Tim Cook announces the Apple Watch in Cupertino, California, today. Apple unveiled the Apple Watch wearable tech and two new iPhones, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Photograph: Getty 3:27

Apple has unveiled the “Apple Watch” alongside two new iPhones with sharper and larger displays, calling the wearable device the next chapter in its h(...)

Apple customers across the globe are expected to download the company’s latest operating system today which has been hailed as a new beginning for the(...)

By the time Apple chief executive Tim Cook took to the stage on Tuesday, there was very little that he could tell the waiting crowd about the new iPho(...)

Members of the media review the new iPhone 5c.

There were few surprises at Apple’s iPhone event yesterday, as the company unveiled the latest in its line of smartphones. As widely expected, (...)

Samsung has unveiled its latest Galaxy smartphone as the Korean company continues to wrangle with Apple for control of the smartphone market. A(...)