Students already completed a practical exam in music last April, which accounts for 25% of the overall marks. Photograph: Getty Images

Music provided a welcome interlude for over 10,000 students on the penultimate day of the Junior Cert exams. Samantha Conroy, a music teacher at Firho(...)

Emigration and Irish Water featured on one of the most topical higher-level economics papers for years. Photograph: Getty Images

Emigration, Irish Water, the price of private rented accommodation, the value of the US dollar and restrictions on residential mortgage lending featur(...)

Building a new world: students at Cork Institute of Technology

Applications for construction, surveying and architecture courses surged during the boom – and collapsed by 55 per cent between 2008 and 2012. An ent(...)

Business students learn the arts of critical thinking, research, analysis and communication: students following the markets in the trading room in UCD’s business school
Career Guide: Business

What do the health industry, science and engineering, creative arts, law, media, teaching, social work and the charity sector have in common? They (...)

Well-prepared students will have found no difficulty with this year’s higher-level chemistry paper, according to teachers. Photograph: Getty Images

Reasonably well-prepared students will have found no difficulty with this year’s higher-level chemistry paper, according to teachers. Mairead Glynn, (...)

Challenging papers in Spanish and metalwork afforded students an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. Photograph: Getty Images

It started off quite simple, but higher-level Spanish students will have noticed the paper becoming more challenging as they moved through it, accordi(...)

Mechanical engineering student Michael Harrinton displays his Fast Scan System designed for EMC at the 29th Cork Mechanical, Manufacturing and Biomedical Engineering Exhibition in the Nexus Hall, Cork Institute of Technology

The first engineers invented the wheel. Today, they continue to bring scientific ideas to life, inventing and maintaining the varied products and tool(...)

Ina Woods, Lab Manager of the RCSI Physiology & Medical Physics Department

Have you always wanted to be a doctor, nurse or dentist? Maybe you made up potions in your make-believe pharmacy? Or perhaps it’s an idea you’ve only (...)

Russell Library in Maynooth University: general law degrees
Career Guide: Law

Not all law graduates go on to become lawyers or solicitors: it is a surprisingly general degree which can lead to a range of career options. L(...)

Ireland’s agri-food sector is a massive economic success story which continues to grow, giving graduates of agriculture and food science excellent long-term employment prospects

Everybody needs to eat, the world’s population is growing, and feeding the planet’s billions in a safe and sustainable way is one of the biggest chall(...)