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How do they do it? Every year, the Leaving Cert results coverage comes with stories of students who received six A1s or more. This year, 162 studen(...)

Career potential: Ibec’s food-and-drink marketing programme will give 28 graduates the opportunity to work with sponsor companies for 18 months. Pictured at the launch were (back) Katie O’Donoghue, placed with Tullamore Dew in San Francisco, David Broderick of Ibec, Mary-Jade Hynes, placed with Tullamore Dew in Chicago, (front) Rebecca Savage, placed with Jim Beam in Minneapolis, and Conor Neville, placed with Tullamore Dew in San Francisco. Photograph: Gary O’Neill

Three years ago, there were little or no job opportunities. Emigration, unemployment or an unpaid internship loomed large for graduates. Since then, (...)

Stephen Scully: “I’d hope to take on postdoctoral research in Maynooth for a few years, and take it from there.”

Careers are ongoing. Skilled graduates often change direction and, typically, the modern worker will change careers several times during their working(...)

David Crow (24) was surprised when he saw an advert for a position in the civil service. Hiring had slowed down in the previous six years, and, like o(...)

Dr Kevin M Ryan, chemical nanotechnologist at the University of Limerick

The path from college life to paid work has become crowded and overgrown. A postgraduate course is becoming an increasingly necessary detour on the ro(...)

The National Children’s Choir, which will sing at Féilte 2014

The life of a teacher: short working days and long holidays interrupted only to complain about Junior Cert reform. That’s the popular narrative abo(...)

In the mix: the cost of a basket of goods for a person with coeliac disease may be up to 87 per cent dearer than normal goods. Photograph: Thinkstock

Avoiding certain foods can be expensive. Allergies, food intolerance and coeliac disease – a severe reaction to gluten – can add hundreds, if not t(...)

‘Resources are easy if all you need is chalk, talk and a few books. That was the 19th century. If we want 21st-century education we need resources’. Conor O’Hanlon and Alanna Kelly spell it out at the launch of Bernardos’ school costs survey this year

Schools are struggling to meet their bills, some are on the brink of closure, and the State’s capitation fees are wholly inadequate. Is this the lates(...)

‘I do love this job; otherwise I wouldn’t have been doing it for 13 years’: Kay Mitchell, schools liaison officer at Maynooth University, is getting ready for this week’s Higher Options exhibition. photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Monday I’m back on the road again, driving out to a school in Dublin. The tune of Morning Ireland on the radio is comforting and familiar even if the (...)

Learners from the Southill Men’s Shed celebrate receiving their certificates at All Hallows College. Photograph: Marc O’Sullivan

The term “adult education” is something of a misnomer. It brings to mind an image of sitting awkwardly on tiny chairs in the local primary school and (...)