Griffith College in Dublin

Even for the hardest-working student who achieves brilliant results, the CAO is a gamble. What can you do, at this late stage, if you had your hear(...)

Dannii Curtis of UCD Students’ Union: ‘Digs are becoming popular again’

The student housing crisis: it’s always a news mainstay at this time of year. But these days it’s becoming harder for anyone to find a home, as stu(...)

Students are turning to part-time work to cover the shortfall but, for most of them, they still need financial support from parents. Photograph: Thinkstock

Last year, we reported the cost of college had risen to its highest level since 2008. This year, figures released by four colleges – DIT, DCU, UCC (...)

The Leaving Cert students from Adamstown Community College who reported on the exams in The Irish Times this June: from left, Natalia Staroscinska, Keith Coffey, Mumtaz Rostam, Emily Kane, Henry Kareem and Evelina Siaulyte. Photograph: Dave Meehan

Des Newton had a tricky task. Last week, the principal of Adamstown Community College greeted the school’s first-ever Leaving Cert students to hand(...)


The pressure was on for the students of Adamstown Community College - the first ever class at the school to sit the Leaving Cert - as they picked up t(...)

Aoife McLysaght: “I would have loved to have had the college experience of living away from home”

The rest of your life beckons, and the next few years of it may be spent in college. Third-level education can be a defining stage of your life and(...)

Students already completed a practical exam in music last April, which accounts for 25% of the overall marks. Photograph: Getty Images

Music provided a welcome interlude for over 10,000 students on the penultimate day of the Junior Cert exams. Samantha Conroy, a music teacher at Firho(...)

Emigration and Irish Water featured on one of the most topical higher-level economics papers for years. Photograph: Getty Images

Emigration, Irish Water, the price of private rented accommodation, the value of the US dollar and restrictions on residential mortgage lending featur(...)

Building a new world: students at Cork Institute of Technology

Applications for construction, surveying and architecture courses surged during the boom – and collapsed by 55 per cent between 2008 and 2012. An ent(...)

Business students learn the arts of critical thinking, research, analysis and communication: students following the markets in the trading room in UCD’s business school
Career Guide: Business

What do the health industry, science and engineering, creative arts, law, media, teaching, social work and the charity sector have in common? They (...)