Getting your sister to interview for you - and then taking the job when she gets it - is likely to end in tears.

Saying you graduated from MIT when you didn’t; giving a false name and refusing to clarify it only to be escorted from the building; getting your q(...)

  Michael Kearney: manager of Ireland rugby team is chairman of Snap Printing

Snap Printing, which is chaired by Michael Kearney, the manager of the Irish rugby team, has acquired digital marketing agency The DG Group. The move (...)

Peter Cosgrove

Peter Cosgrove is the chief executive of the ATA Group, which manufactures precision tungsten carbide burs and pneumatic grinding tools.After 16 years(...)

“Although we are in a period of transition, we are getting on with business,” was APN chairman Peter Cosgrove’s message for shareholders yester(...)