Georgian Dublin. Concerned that many historic buildings in town centres will continue to decline, the Heritage Council commissioned ecomomic consultants Peter Bacon & Associates, who were paid €38,000 excluding Vat for their work, to see what fiscal measures could be used to incentivise investment in the built heritage of towns.

A tax incentive scheme is urgently needed to encourage the rescue of decaying historic buildings in Irish towns, given “the collapse of public funds a(...)

Future of forests

A Government decision not to sell harvesting rights in State forests at this time is to be welcomed. Public opinion was firmly opposed because of the (...)

The sale of the harvesting rights for the country’s State-owned forests has been abandoned. Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney said the Governmen(...)

Fianna Fáil agriculture spokesman Éamon Ó Cuív said the Oireachtas Committee on Agriculture found itself in a “farcical situation” in relation to the proposed sale of Coillte’s harvesting rights. Photograph Brenda Fitzsimons

Selling Coillte’s harvesting rights would generate only enough money to pay three weeks’ interest on the nation’s debts, the Oireachtas Committ(...)

Native tree species are being re-established through impressive restoration programmes undertaken by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, by Coillte, and by NGOs such as Woodlands of Ireland

How long, the American farmer-poet Wendell Berry asked, does it take to make the woods? As long, he answered himself, as it takes to mak(...)