Bank vole: found in Kerry in 1964, it has reached Mayo. Illustration: Michael Viney

Have all the house mice fled from Connemara? Or the harbour seals from Co Louth? Are otters really so scarce in watery Roscommon, or sika deer (...)

Tolkienesque tangle: hazels furred with lichen. Illustration: Michael Viney

On its way to the shore the boreen tilts down beside a creggan, a sandstone outcrop like a last, rocky toenail of the mountain. Abruptly steep (...)

Paul Whelan of Telefonica Ireland said O2  customers will see a stronger 3G signal on their mobile device in more places, indoor and on the move as a result of the network upgrade. Photograph: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Mobile phone operator O2 has begun a €70 million upgrade to its 3G network that will deliver faster data speeds by the end of this month. (...)