Neighbours in an apartment development are contractually obligated to pay their service charges by way of their binding lease agreement that they entered into with the owners’ management company

Q I own a ground floor apartment in a small town in Co Mayo. I have lived here for nearly nine years and have paid the service charge every year. The (...)

Mice look for food and shelter most frequently in colder months
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Q Our apartment complex is supposed to have 244 units but I notice from the list of owners that three (...)

The good management of a multi-unit development includes excellent communication with members, procuring service providers that give value for money and dealing with issues promptly
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Q I have had a 30 per cent increase in my service charge, mainly, it appears, to cover non-payment by other home owners. I was wondering is it legal t(...)

The existance of pyrite can put pressure on concrete floors and foundations, resulting in structural damage to a property
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Q We moved into our detached house in north county Dublin about three years ago and everything was fine. However, in the past few months this has chan(...)

Flat roofs are regarded as tricky to insulate, but insulation can help increase their lifespan and reduce household bills. photograph: Dmitry Kalinovsky/Getty
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QI have agreed to appoint an estate agent to sell my house. I expected a verbal agreement to be sufficient. However, the agent has told me that in ord(...)