Rory Nolan and Paul Howard with Roisin Ingle in The Irish Times podcast studios.

On this week’s Róisín Meets podcast, Róisín Ingle talks to Ross O’Carroll-Kelly creator Paul Howard and actor Rory Nolan about their upcoming producti(...)

Paul Howard, the voice behind  Ross O’Carroll-Kelly

The next time you hear a group of schoolchildren talking, take a moment to tune in to their accents. Is it possible to tell what part of Ireland they(...)

Anne Clarke on the set of Once the Musical in the Olympia Theatre, Dublin in 2015. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Anne Clarke of Landmark Productions is the recipient of this year’s Special Tribute Award at the Irish Times Irish Theatre Awards 2015. The presenta(...)

Brent Pope and Malcom O’Kelly on the Brent Pope Legends Tour. Photograph: Dylan Vaughan

To mark the beginning of the Rugby World Cup, Róisín welcomes former All Black and popular rugby pundit Brent Pope. As he is one of Ireland’s most (...)

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly: Paul Howard was collared by one UCD student who was convinced the column was written by Brian O’Driscoll. Illustration: Alan Clarke
How Ross O’Carroll-Kelly was born
  • People
  • September 12, 2015, 05:45

You would need to be very long in the tooth to remember Zhivago, but the middle of its dance floor is where Ross O’Carroll-Kelly was conceived. For(...)

 Cormac Sharvin: one of five Irish players on the 20-strong Walker Cup panel. Photo:  Tony Marshall/R&A/Getty

There must be something good going on in Irish amateur golf these days. Or perhaps it’s just a coincidence that there are five Irish golfers on the pr(...)

French parents never discipline or punish; they ‘educate’ in a loving manner, while also letting children know they are not the centre of their parents’ universe. Above, al fresco dining in France. Photograph: Philip Game/Lonely Planet via Getty Images

French parents have better- behaved children because they look after themselves first. The majority of babies are breastfed in the beginning, but i(...)

The temptation to chintz up the tearoom must have been difficult to resist. What else to do with an ornate Victorian park shelter but stuff it with(...)

 Rob Kearney: “The margins at the moment between people at high levels in sport or high levels in business are just getting smaller and smaller and smaller.” Photograph: Cyril Byrne / THE IRISH TIMES

  Rob Kearney is taking notes on his tablet at a personal development seminar on the top floor of The Irish Times building in Dublin. Quie(...)

Splutter-your-tea-across-the-room hilarious: John Colleary and Barry Murphy in Irish Pictorial Weekly

It is always difficult to review a comedy, for the blindingly obvious reason that not everyone finds the same things funny. There are people who think(...)