For younger drivers, the key to cheaper car insurance is simply to stick to smaller engined cars – 1.0-litres is all you’re realistically going to get covered on  – and don’t start adding spoilers and wings either

So, you’ve decided that the clouds of recession have parted sufficiently for you to get back into the car market in 2015. Congratulations, and welcome(...)

  Duncan Stewart on Newstalk: ‘Give me 10 minutes or I’m not staying in this studio’

It is an unprecedented visit, the momentousness of which is reflected in the logistics of the occasion. From the moment Cathal Mac Coille intro(...)

Paul Healy: “If you’re looking for what is effectively seed funding you have to start in Ireland unless you are very well connected overseas." PHOTOGRAPH: MAURA HICKEY

“One of the hardest things to do is to let go of an idea if it’s not going to work. Entrepreneurs struggle with this because something looks good on p(...)

Bank said 190 Upper Rathmines Road, Dublin 6 was originally bought as investment property.

A mother of four whose only income is social welfare has been given six months to leave the €700,000 period house Bank of Ireland Mortgage Bank says s(...)

Build quality: robots weld cars at Nissan’s plant in Sunderland. Photograph: James Sebright/Getty

We were all somewhat stunned when, back in 2009, rumours started to swirl that Toyota was going to be subject to a major recall of vehicles in the US.(...)

Shane Long (right) celebrates scoring against England at Wembley on Wednesday. photograph: toby melville/reuters

Our national soccer team wasn’t the only Irish group helping the Football Association in England celebrate its 150th anniversary. Irish technology com(...)