Hands up: US students are more likely to ask questions. Photograph: Getty images/Wavebreak Media

It takes a confident fresher to ask a question of their lecturer in week one. By week two only the brave are willing to share their independent tho(...)

Star man: Paul Donovan’s System of Training Transfer Assessment Report launches this autumn

When money is tight, training is often the first casualty of corporate cutbacks as budget decision-makers struggle to see a direct link between the co(...)

Paul Donovan: the former Eircom chief executive is now grappling with major debt problems at the Odeon cinema chain. photograph: dara mac donaill

If the internet, delivered via the infrastructure of companies such as Eircom, has destroyed the movie rentals business, then what a neat little twist(...)

Denis O’Brien: appeared to rule out investing in Europe’s technology industry due to the “failed policy” of the continent’s regulators. Photograph: David Sleator

“I’ve been investing heavily in Ireland because I believe in it,” said Denis O’Brien this week, in an interview with the Financial Times. Does he beli(...)

The hotseat at the  Vodafone Leopardstown base appears to be more of a springboard to better things.

There is sure to be plenty of people in Ireland sending congratulatory text messages to Jeroen Hoencamp this weekend, after he was named as the new ch(...)