Paddy Cosgrave: “I owe Paul and his team more than one apology, having taking credit on a handful of occasions for an awesome product that is of their making.” Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

Tito, an Irish online ticketing technology company founded by Paul Campbell and David “Doc” Parsons, has surpassed the $100 million (€89 million) mile(...)

Take Me Home is a well-stocked wool shop run by husband and wife Aine and Sean Carey

When you say “Dundrum” these days, most people associate it with a large self-contained destination shopping centre. But Dundrum was a proper s(...)

Anil Dash: the renowned blogger and entrepreneur will be just one of the many speakers addressing the conference in Killarney

Since its inaugural edition in 2012, Úll has become Ireland’s pre-eminent event for Apple- centric designers and developers. Úll attracts high-profile(...)

Developer Guy English and MacWorld editor Jason Snell, talking to Úll founders Paul Campbell and Dermot Daly. Photograph: Ben Rice McCarthy/

Ireland’s foremost Apple-focused technology conference returned for its third iteration this week and once again Úll showcased the finest Irish and in(...)

Dave Wiskus, the designer behind Vesper, will be one of the speakers at the Úll conference next month. Photograph: Dave Wiskus

Úll, an Apple-focused conference for designers and developers, will be held at Lyrath Estate in Kilkenny next month. Guest speakers will(...)

Dermot Daly and fellow organiser Paul Campbell have establish Úll as a significant event among the Apple community of developers and designers.

The organisers of the Úll conference, Paul Campbell and Dermot Daly, have confirmed that the Apple-centric developers' event will go ahead again ne(...)

Last month Google announced it was ’sunsetting’ its GoolgeReader

It’s not usually worth anybody's time to pay too much attention to whatever wave of indignation is rippling across the internet on any given da(...)