Tests carried out for the IFA  found that 29 per cent of pigmeat products  did not have Irish DNA

Imported pork chops accounted for 40 per cent of products that were found to be of foreign origin when they were DNA-tested in a programme run by th(...)

The first consignment of Irish horses arriving in China last week under a new importation protocol between the countries

Last week saw the arrival of the first consignment of horses under the new protocol signed last July by the Department of Agriculture and the Chinese(...)

Associate professor of public health at UCD  Patrick Wall:    said the dioxin scare involving Irish pork products in 2008 was a spectacular own goal Photograph:  Peter Thursfield

There will be more chemical-related food scares as testing methods improve, Patrick Wall, associate professor of public health at UCD, has said. He wa(...)

Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney and MD of Riverview Eggs DJ Kelleher

Family-run Riverview Eggs is one of the largest producers and packers of commercial and free-range eggs in Ireland, with 24 employees at its Watergras(...)

What an eventful half-year it has been for farming. For a sector that was considered a sunset industry in the boom years, it has seldom been ou(...)