Depfa Bank in Dublin. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Dublin-based Depfa Bank plc has been taken over by Germany’s state-owned bad bank FMS Wertmanagement six years after it almost collapsed in the fin(...)

Miler Magrath: “The rehabilitation process could be tricky. For Catholics, Miler has the double black mark of being a ‘heretic’  for taking the Oath of Supremacy to Elizabeth and for having been excommunicated. On the Protestant side, Miler is an embarrassment, although the only known portrait of him hangs alongside those of other bishops in the Clogher episcopal gallery. ”

It may be time to rehabilitate Miler Magrath as Ireland’s pioneering ecumenist. He managed to be simultaneously a Catholic and a Protestant bishop, a (...)

American tycoon Donald Trump listens to music from Affinity after disembarking from his personally-customised 757 plane at Shannon Airport yesterday. 1:52

Couldn’t have mustered a good healthy cloudburst, no? Couldn’t have found a nice, squally west-of-Ireland special with rain coming in sideways just as(...)

Fota Island golf resort, Cork: A ‘great long-term investment’ for Chinese owners, according to Nama’s Patrick Ryan

In his speech to the Hotel Property Conference in Dublin this week, Nama’s hotels guy, Patrick Ryan, proudly trumpeted the agency’s €21 million sale i(...)

Patrick Ryan, senior property advisor in NAMA’s hotel division, speaking at the Hotel Property Conference , in Dublin. Photograph: Eric Luke

The National Asset Management Agency (Nama) will bring “several prime Dublin hotels” to the market shortly after Christmas to capitalise on signifi(...)

Lesley Conroy during rehearsals for Eugene O’Brien’s Eden. Photograph: Andy Sheridan

EdenEveryman Palace Theatre, Cork ***Eden is a play about self-inflicted sadness, and as it ends, one feels sadder for its cast than for its character(...)

Laura Moore and Patrick Ryan of the Firehouse Bakery and Baking School

Patrick Ryan and Laura Moore’s Firehouse Bakery and Bread School has been a huge success since opening last June on Heir Island in West Cork, a(...)