The IFA  bought products such as back rashers, loin chops, back bacon and ham fillets in independent butcher shops and supermarkets in Wexford, Galway, Cork and Cavan.  Photograph: Getty Images

Almost one-third of pigmeat sold as Irish was found not to be so when its DNA was tested in a programme run by the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA).Th(...)

Tests carried out for the IFA  found that 29 per cent of pigmeat products  did not have Irish DNA

Imported pork chops accounted for 40 per cent of products that were found to be of foreign origin when they were DNA-tested in a programme run by th(...)

Mmmm, sausages... But are they as Irish as they profess to be?

Some bacon producers have been accused by the Irish Farmers Association of confusing consumers by using labels that suggest they are using Irish pigme(...)

Illustration: Dearbhla Kelly

It ’s a topic that can be as hot as politics or religion. What is an Irish breakfast? Does it involve beans or mushrooms? Are you an egg man or woman?(...)