Prof John A Murphy said that the Proclamation, read on the steps of the GPO by Patrick Pearse, has received “precious little analysis outside of scholarly circles”. File photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

The Easter 1916 Proclamation is not an original charter of human rights for modern Ireland and needs to be viewed with a far more critical scrutiny t(...)

Women demonstrating at the Abbey Theatre during the Waking The Feminists event in November to highlight the lack of gender equality in the Abbey’s programme of events for 2016. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

An Aran island arts centre has set out to counter the Abbey Theatre’s 1916 commemorative programme by ensuring that 90 per cent of its plays this yea(...)

Sackville Street (now O’Connell Street). Photograph: JT Westropp courtesy of the Royal Irish Academy

There was standing room only in the basement of the National Library of Ireland for the launch of The 1916 Rising Oral History Collection. Not since(...)

Exploring Ireland’s postcolonial archictural identity: architect John McLaughlin and academic Gary Boyd. Photograph: Alice Clancy

While a Modernist revival arose during the Tiger’s cub years, fostered by the new breed of architecture, Ireland is not often associated with the ori(...)

May 1916: Thomas (left) and William Kent being marched by British soldiers across Fermoy bridge.
1916: a calendar of events

January 1916 The Gathering Storm Meeting Irish Volunteers leader Eoin MacNeill, James Connolly threatens to lead his tiny Irish Citizen Army (ICA(...)

Patrick Pearse’s cottage in Ros Muc, Galway: a new visitor centre next to the historic cottage will open next year

The development of a cultural centre at “Teach an Phiarsaigh” in Ros Muc will provide an introduction to the Irish language, Gaeltacht culture and env(...)

The execution of James Connolly has a particularly poignancy in the story of the Easter Rising. He was so badly wounded in the thigh during Easter (...)

Thomas J Clarke was, at 59, the elder statesman of Irish republicanism when he was executed for his part in the Easter Rising, in 1916. The man who(...)

Downton Abbey joins the revolution: the stars of War and Peace

Who knew Tolstoy could be such a romp? The ostentatiously opulent War and Peace (BBC One, Sunday) is a big, bold and beautiful adaptation of the epic (...)

Pádraig Pearse was very clear where he stood in this vision of events. He was the Christ-like figure.

All births are violent and accompanied by blood and great pain. Such too was the birth of the aspiring republic that is Ireland. Its life began with(...)