A film about the gay community’s support for strikers during the 1984 UK miners’ dispute sounds like a worthwhile project. The news that Matthew Warch(...)

The World’s End

Let’s pretend the irony was intended. Shall we? The third film in what everybody seems to be calling the “Cornetto Trilogy” finds Simon Pegg playing a(...)

Prime suspense: Gillian Anderson as DCI Gibson and Simon Delaney as McElroy in The Fall

I can’t be only one who locked up the house a little more securely on Sunday night after the tense first episode of The Fall (...)

Cliffhanger: Derek Mooney proves an affable, easy-going enthusiast in Secrets of the Irish Landscape

The aerial shots of our amazing countryside and coastline were stunning in Secrets of the Irish Landscape (RTÉ One, Sunday), quality work by al(...)