“The real drive behind the game is the global leaderboard. People can compete to get their name on the board”

The Royal College of Surgeons has launched a new gaming app for iPhone and iPad aimed at testing people’s medical knowledge to its limits.The SurgiQui(...)

Minister for defence Oscar Traynor  inspects the recruits at Portobello Barracks, Dublin, in 1952.

The oldest participant in the 1916 Rising was Mathew Stafford, who was 63 at the time. According to testimony in support of his claim by Oscar Traynor(...)

Inside the GPO, Easter Week 1916. Photograph: Defence Forces Military Archives.

The myriad of personal stories contained in the Military Service Pensions Collection will open a new window on the 1916 to 1923 period in Irish histor(...)

Donncha Ryan, learning development manager at RCSI, at the college’s Surgical Skills Lab in Dublin. photograph: brenda fitzsimons

Technology has enhanced medical training immensely, helping future surgeons to hone their skills on virtual patients, practising common procedures and(...)

‘It’s 9.45pm and the phone rings….the transplant co-ordinator is on the other end of the phone… I start to replay her first words to me,‘we hav(...)