Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin.  Photograph: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

If much of the political establishment is shaking its head in disbelief, at least it knows how the Irish public has felt for much of the last decade. (...)

Britain’s anti-slavery commissioner says children are being used as part of criminal operations in cities. Photograph: iStock.

“Oliver Twist scenarios” are taking place on Britain’s streets as children are tasked with pickpocketing, shoplifting and begging, the anti-slavery co(...)

Changing the ending of an old story
  • Books
  • September 15, 2014, 14:00

As a lifelong bookworm, I would continue to read under the covers with the light of my bicycle lamp after my mum had turned off the light in my bedroo(...)

“Mr Leopold Bloom ate with relish the inner organs of beasts and fowls.” Ulysses, James Joyce. Photograph: Dara MacDónaill
Eat your words
  • Books
  • May 15, 2014, 15:22

“I will marry you if you promise not to make me eat eggplant.” Love in the Time of Cholera, Gabriel García Márquez “And once I had recognis(...)

A 1962 poster for the first James Bond movie, Dr No, with a dress hand-painted over the original bikini-clad image of Ursula Andress, and described by the auctioneers as “the dying vestige of Irish censorship” (€600-€800).

Viewing continues today, until 5pm, at Whyte’s, Molesworth Street, Dublin for the year’s first, and much-anticipated, sale of historical memora(...)