Avril Copeland and Greg Balmer of TickerFit
New innovator: TickerFit

In the past most patients have relied on healthcare professionals to manage their conditions. Now, getting patients to self-manage where possible is s(...)

Prof Tony Killard: “We can’t be complacent and we intend to establish ourselves as the market leader in this field as quickly as possible.”
Breathtaking diagnostic technology

One of the main ways of diagnosing a wide range of diseases is with a blood test. It is a simple enough procedure, but one which many people, especia(...)

Peter Foley: platform enables fast and private self-testing
New innovators: LetsGetChecked

In this cyber age when everything from filing tax returns to finding a life partner can be done online, healthcare professional Peter Foley couldn’t u(...)

Elizabeth Fingleton and Kate Cronin on Obeo: “You take the flat-pack box, pop it up so it stands on the kitchen counter and it holds mushy, wet foods and teabags without leaking. When it’s full it goes into the brown bin,” says Ms Fingleton

Around 2,000 people are expected to attend the Big Ideas and Innovation Showcase events at Dublin’s Convention Centre to find out about State-provided(...)

Dermot Dix of Headfort School

Headfort is a private day and boarding school established in 1949. It has a staff of 30 and has 95 pupils between the prep school and Montessori. What(...)

Jack Rogers, Newgrange Gold: put a huge effort into getting distribution well set up from the outset. Jack Rogers, Newgrange Gold: put a huge effort into getting distribution well set up from the outset
New innovator: Newgrange Gold

It’s not that long since rapeseed oil became the darling of healthy eaters as it boasts half the saturated fat of olive oil and high levels of Omega 3(...)

What is special about your business?GoCar is Ireland’s most innovative travel solution. It is a car- sharing initiative that offers members short-term(...)

Engineers Ireland director general John Power: focus of the free maths tutorials is on teaching maths in the broadest sense, not on cramming for the Leaving Cert

It has always been a struggle for parents and teachers to convince Leaving Certificate students to opt for higher level maths.Keen to do its bit to he(...)